Waikerie Native Wholesale Nursery specialises in Australian Native Plants for large scale plantings; small residential projects and the home gardener.

Waikerie Native Wholesale Nursery has a wide range of Australian dry-land species and will grow plants to order.

The aim of our business is to produce quality plants from the nursery to the field.

Species are suitable for:

  • re-vegetation to improve soil quality and reduce erosion
  • timber and firewood production
  • creating shade and screens
  • producing honey
  • creating or improving native habitat
  • off-setting carbon emissions
  • providing drought tolerant plants for the home garden

Climate change, drought and water restrictions require us to re-evaluate our activities in relation to carbon emissions and water consumption.

Native re-vegetation will help to reduce erosion and improve soil for increased productivity; assist in neutralising your carbon footprint; as well as providing an alternative land usage that conserves water.

Please contact us to discuss your specific site and plant requirements.